KONDOR small caravan - mini caravan for 2 people

Technical description of a small caravan

Manufacturer of small caravans

INPRO Čáslav produces small, unbraked caravans for 2 people - mini caravans for passenger cars with a total weight of 750 kg.

For leisure and travel with a small caravan towed behind the car. The Kondor mini caravan has an aerodynamic shape with doors on the rear wall.

Caravan specifications

The mini caravan is unbraked, therefore not requiring a Group E driving license.

Basic design

The caravan walls are of high strength sandwich design with thermal and acoustic insulation. The wall thickness is 25 mm.

The caravan frame is made of hot-dip galvanized coated profiles.

The caravan axle with suspension is made by a specialized axle manufacturer.

The mini caravan door is lockable and made by a specialized caravan door manufacturer.

The roof window of the caravan is openable with microventilation, equipped with mosquito net and made by a manufacturer that specializes in caravan accessories.

The floor of the mini caravan is made of waterproof foil plywood and covered with quality linoleum for easy cleaning. The rear of the floor is lowered to increase interior space in the seating area and maintain the caravan’s external height as low as possible.

Support legs - Two support legs with large bases and anti-slip blades are used to support the rear of the caravan, with easy and quick assembly.

The mini caravan has galvanized lacquered mudguards, exterior lighting and a support wheel.

INPRO Čáslav Ltd.. - Manufacturer of a small caravan

INPRO Čáslav Ltd. - Manufacturer of a small caravan

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