KONDOR mini caravan price 4063 € without VAT - Ex Works

From the price list, you can choose the accessories you want and calculate the final price immediately.

Accessory prices without VAT.

Decor examples

Aluminium wheel examples

Dometic side hinged plastic window with blind and net, 450x750 mm, 1 piece 425 €

Side window examples

List of furniture

Bed for 2 people with storage, bench, cabinet with table and drawer, left shelf

Furniture examples

Bike carrier example

Fridge example

Stove example

Ventilation and insulation example

Second shelf example

Low cabinet example

High cabinet example

Door fixation example

List of electric accessories

Exterior socket, 230V switchboard with 12V rectifier, electrical wiring, 220V and 12V socket, LED 12 with switch, 230V connection cable, electrical revision

Wheel chocks 1 piece 3 €

INPRO Čáslav Ltd.. - Manufacturer of a small caravan

INPRO Čáslav Ltd. - Manufacturer of a small caravan

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